Oxymycterus wayku


Tipo: CML 7247, Juvenile male (age 2), collected by J. P. Jayat on 19 June 2005 (original field number JPJ 1407), skin, skull, skeleton

Paratipos: CML 7248, CML 7249, CML 7250

Procedencia: ARGENTINA, Province of Tucumán, Department of Trancas, 10 km by road south of Hualinchay on the trail to Lara (26º 19’ 20.2” S, 65º 36’ 45.5” W, 2316 m)

Cita: J. Pablo Jayat, Guillermo D’elía, Ulyses f. J. Pardiñas, M. Daniela Miotti,  & Pablo E. Ortiz. 2008. A new species of the genus Oxymycterus (Mammalia: Rodentia: Cricetidae) from the vanishing Yungas of Argentina. Zootaxa 1911:31-51.