Phyllotis anitae

Tipo: CML 6379, hembra adulta, piel, cráneo y esqueleto.

Procedencia: Argentina, Province of Tucumán, Department of trancas, 10 km by
road south of Hualinchay on the trail to Lara (26° 19’ 20.2” S, 65° 36’ 45.5” W, 2316 m)

Cita Original:
Jayat, J. P., G. D’Elía, U. F. J. Pardiñas, y J.G. Namen. 2007.A new species of Phyllotis (Rodentia, Cricetidae, Sigmodontinae) from the upper montane forest of the yungas of northwestern Argentina. Pp. 775-798 in Kelt, D. a., E. P. Lessa, J. Salazar-Bravo, and J. L. Patton (eds.). The Quintessential Naturalist: Honoring the Life and Legacy of Oliver P. Pearson. University of California Publications in Zoology 134:1-981.